discover our summer selection

Summer is there, and you’ve probably started planning your hollidays. But summer doesn’t always mean vacations, pool parties, and other fun activities. Summer also means the return of the heat.

Don’t forget the lemonade, flavored bubbles and other soft drinks! We have concocted a selection of wines and refreshing drinks

Château de la grande Métairie cuvée Yvonne 2019


A tribute to Jean-Luc Buffeteau’s grandmother, the founder of the vineyard, Yvonne is a return to the roots, to the essential. This wine, made from a single variety of Merlot, without added sulfur, confers elegance and flavor. A few weeks of patience and an hour of aeration will be necessary to fully enjoy this pretty, sweet and fruity juice.

M de la Grande Métairie Malbec 2018


A malbec that combines power and finesse. The nose is first floral with violet, then fruity with blackberry, and finally peppery and licorice. The tannins develop with elegance towards a subtly spicy finish. “Jean-Luc Buffeteau, owner and winemaker of Château La Grande Métairie honors us with this novelty on the occasion of the release of his 2018 vintage. The very confidential production, and the attention to quality make this a superb discovery and a high level malbec.”

Castillo de Aresan “Verdejo” 2019


If Verdejo is not on your white grape radar then this should be your introduction. It’s a very friendly white wine that is dominated by stone fruit aromas and flavours. As well as this vibrant fruit there is the faintest almond note in the background (a classic Verdejo trait) that sits so well with the peachy flavour. It’s un-oaked and has a fresh acidity thanks to the high altitude at which the vines are grown.

Prado Rey 'Lia de Prado Rey' Tempranillo Blush Rose


Lia is a rosé wine, of short maceration, elaborated from the Tempranillo grape. It is harvested manually.
Nose: The red fruits dominate as the strawberry and the cherry. Floral aromas of rose, jasmine and edelweiss. Palate: Very pleasant palate with a perfectly balanced acidity. Fruity and long finish. Freshness present throughout the tasting.

André Petit Poire William Liqueur de Cognac


It was in 1850 that Triaieul Goulard, a weaver by trade, decided to invest part of his savings by buying a vineyard. On the recommendation of his cousin who was a distiller at Hennessy, he started to produce this noble drink which is Cognac. Time passed with good and bad years with the 1st World War and various diseases such as oidium and the phylloxera crisis. In 1921 his daughter married Albert Petit and from that moment on the distillery bore his name. In 1965, Albert passed the torch to his son André and decided to end the contracts with Hennessy. From that moment on, his production will bear his own name. In the meantime, it is Jacques (Albert’s grandson) who perpetuates the family tradition, always in the same spirit and more passionate than ever. Jacques Petit’s recipe consists mainly in macerating William pears in Cognac. The result is a sweet drink with the presence of Cognac that does not hide the fruity side. Delicious as an aperitif with an ice cube.

quevedo fun port rosé


Quevedo is one of the new generation of small independent wine producers in the Douro Valley. It is also these family farms that have always supplied the major Portuguese wine houses. Since joining the European Union in 1986, Portugal has seen some new measures in terms of trade and especially in relation to exports. Since then, these small producers have been able to export the fruit of their work, like Quevedo, which distributes its Ports and wines throughout the world. With its delicate notes of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries, this rosé Port can be enjoyed chilled, preferably with a little ice, plain or mixed with Cava or Prosecco and a fresh mint leaf.