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Underwear, the fetish !.

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Underwear, the fetish !

Fetishes can be a big source of misconception and shame even today, so we wanted to take some time to shed some light on this topic. After all, our goal is to empower our customers and help them feel confident in their bodies. That includes learning about and embracing their sexuality to the fullest!

First you might be wondering, what is a fetish exactly? The concept of fetishism has been around for a very long time and though people may talk more openly about them these days, there are still many misconception. A fetish is typically something that is not inherently erotic in nature that has become erotic to someone in some way. Sometimes a fetish can be a body part like feet, armpits, or hands while other times it can be an object or even a situation. What defines a true fetish is how it is often linked very closely to someone’s personal sexuality and they often play very heavily into the person’s sex life.

Having a fetish for underwear means being highly aroused by underwear or undergarments in general. This can look like many things, and no two fetishists are alike! The fetish can be a broad arousal by all undergarments in any context, or specific to a type of garment, even down to the color. Some people may be aroused by wearing underwear or by their lovers wearing it, while for others the garment on its own can be the draw.

There is also a variation of people’s preference for clean or dirty, as some people may be more drawn to the smell of a worn pair.

There’s endless variation on how an underwear fetish can look and feel to everyone, and there is no one right way to indulge provided all the parties involved are consenting!

From the Wonder collection, for Walter Van Beirendonck, spring 2010. Credit…Courtesy of Walter Van Beirendonck

How playing with underwear fetish ?

Just like human sexuality, there is an endless spectrum of ways that you can play with an underwear fetish. For some people, just wearing their favorite underwear can be fulfilling enough, while others may want to do a lot more. This fetish can fit nicely into body worship play, as worshiping your lover’s garments can be a hot extension of them. Alternatively, it can be used for humiliation play if someone is made to wear a pair they find embarrassing. This fetish is also one that can be indulged long distance, as some couples are known to mail their worn garments back and forth and can feel closer to their partner by smelling their worn pairs. The possibilities are endless and experimenting can be half the fun!

Where to buy them ?

2BE is the reference, in Brussels center, where to buy underwear and they are open on sunday (just before our underwear afternoon)
Rue du Lombard 29, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

  • Mon – Sat : 11:30 untill 19:00
  • Sunday : 14:00 untill 18:00
  • Tuesday : CLOSED

Spit it out is a fetish store where you can find leather , rubber , neoprene , sportswear , bear wear , BDSM/SM , clubbing outfit … it is also a cultural space where you can learn about the lgbtqia+ story , our fights for visibility , and prevention .
Rue du marché au charbon 3, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

  • Mon – Sat : 11:00 untill 19:00
  • Sunday : 13:00 untill 18:00