Stammbar is the meeting place for partygoers, freaks, adventurers, creative personalities and people who shape the night. This bar, a real melting pot for night owls in search of fun, offers a relaxed atmosphere in an immaculate, modern setting.
Both a daytime bar and a cruising spot, Stammbar hosts exhibitions and themed nights in addition to music shows.
Present on the Brussels scene for several years now, every night its doors open to friends and strangers looking for a memorable experience.
Stammbar strives to create an open and safe space for artists, clubbers and visitors; we operate a zero tolerance policy to racism, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination. We ask for all of our community to help improve our space. If you see behaviour that has no place on our venue, please tell us. We will deal with it and remove any offending individuals from our club.

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The Belgian Pride aims to bring societal change and influence the political landscape and society by organising or contributing to the smooth running of events, activities and communication aspects of the Belgian Pride Festival. The Belgian Pride Festival is an annual festival of festive, political and cultural events, initiatives and activities, not only in Brussels, the Belgian and European capital, but also throughout Belgium. The Belgian Pride Festival takes place every year in May, close to the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia (17 May).

As a continuation of the visibility of LGBTQI+ rights, the Belgian pride decided to organise a Pride Works Covention, where The Belgian Pride will serve as a bridge between the LGBTQI+ community and the work-floor. By doing this they want to make our partners and other organisations aware about the impact they can have directly on the well-being of LGBTQI+ people within their own organisation.

Pride is a verb that resonates throughout the whole year!


  • Supporting the LGBTQI+ community in the workspace;
  • Promoting integration and diversity in the workspace;
  • Demonstrate that diversity and inclusion is an added value for companies;
  • Raising awareness among companies to challenge and improve their own diversity and inclusion policies;
  • Involve LGBTQI+ organisations to help companies implement diversity and inclusion internally;
  • Raise awareness of current LGBTQI+ issues and help companies find solutions.

They will be having multiple speakers during this day, each with a very specific message they want to send out!
Find out the program as the speakers we are presenting during our Pride Works Convention!

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