Stammbar is the meeting place for partygoers, freaks, adventurers, creative personalities and people who shape the night. This bar, a real melting pot for night owls in search of fun, offers a relaxed atmosphere in an immaculate, modern setting.
Both a daytime bar and a cruising spot, Stammbar hosts exhibitions and themed nights in addition to music shows.
Present on the Brussels scene for several years now, every night its doors open to friends and strangers looking for a memorable experience.
Stammbar strives to create an open and safe space for artists, clubbers and visitors; we operate a zero tolerance policy to racism, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination. We ask for all of our community to help improve our space. If you see behaviour that has no place on our venue, please tell us. We will deal with it and remove any offending individuals from our club.

What Happens Here

fabken haidesign action for “le refuge”.

fabken haidesign action for “le refuge”

It’s a bit of a ritual now, for several years FabKen hairdesign has launched its Christmas action to benefit the association “le refuge”.
This year again, many people joined the action to raise funds to help young LGBT people who are on the street.

Recent studies indicate that LGBTQ+ youth comprise nearly 7% of the total homeless youth population, young people in our community are disproportionately affected by homelessness and are more likely to experience bullying, sexual assault, violence, trauma, HIV infection, mental health disorders, and substance abuse than their heterosexual peers.
Every night, lots of LGBTQ+ youth and young adults have no place to call home. Whether they have been kicked out by homophobic relatives, forced to flee conservative communities, aged out of foster care, or come from families torn apart by poverty and drug abuse, these young people sleep in city parks, on the subway, and in public facilities like Station. A fortunate few might find a safe haven in one of “le refuge” housing programs or shelters designed for this population, but such facilities are scarce and so underfunded that most youth wait months to gain entry. Others are subjected to shelter in large, city-funded institutions where they frequently fall victim to homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, harassment, and violence. Fortunately, private partners are motivated to collect the necessary funds to meet some of the needs of these centers.

Their work would not be possible without the many volunteers, donors, and supporters who sustain these action.

A big thank you for this action which is a great success and which allows a part of our community to live in a decent way, this difficult moment.

Thank you Fabken hairdesign

Adresse : Rue Léon Lepage 39, 1000 Bruxelles

photo credit : fabken hairdesign