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THE WAVE AFTER 02 mixed by K.Rise.

/DJ /THE WAVE AFTER 02 mixed by K.Rise

THE WAVE AFTER 02 mixed by K.Rise

Brussels-based K.RISE is a true passionate and music addict who has spinning on turntables for 30 years.
Ceaseless curiosity and deep eclecticism are his key inspirational engines. Always eager to dig the best cuts, ranging from highly selected original gems to outstanding re-edits or covers, his skilled crafted journeys are colored by a broad range of both captivating and striking soundscapes.

Creativity has no limit and K.RISE likes to explore and share with the audience all its groovy flavors and emotional nuances.
Resident DJ at Le Belgica, Bar du Marché, Café Lux also Stamm bar, Mappa mundo … he also runs as artistic booker and sound designer for several trendy shops, art galleries and bars of the European Capital.

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