The new generation amaretto

The new generation amaretto

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Adriatico is a young brand. But with the will to create a beautiful and good product! Moreover, it took 3 years to its creator between his initial idea and the release of the first bottle.

Not to mention the very legible label, which takes us to Italy in the 70s. A visual journey not unpleasant in the sometimes gloomy landscape of alcohol bottles! But an originality punctuated with problems: “We had a lot of trouble with the bottle mold. It took us more than a year with quality problems at the beginning, but also with the capacity. The first series were only 66 cl instead of 70 cl. We also had to make a labeling machine and custom caps.”

Then it’s with the product itself that things get really interesting: 100% natural ingredients. Hand-picked almonds from Puglia. Then toasted at length, before being distilled. And on the other side a maceration of unroasted almonds. As well as cinnamon, coffee, and cocoa. Finally, a pinch of salt from the Margherita di Savoia saltworks completes the recipe, a nod to the nearby Adriatic mother.

Where Adriatico stands out is in its sugar content: half as sweet (with unrefined cane sugar) as other Amaretto liqueurs on the market. A choice more in line with current consumer trends.

what to do with so much quality?

An ADRIATICO “Godfather”


  • 30 ml of american Bourbon or Rye Whiskey
  • Garnish : a slice of orange :