Stammbar is the meeting place for partygoers, freaks, adventurers, creative personalities and people who shape the night. This bar, a real melting pot for night owls in search of fun, offers a relaxed atmosphere in an immaculate, modern setting.
Both a daytime bar and a cruising spot, Stammbar hosts exhibitions and themed nights in addition to music shows.
Present on the Brussels scene for several years now, every night its doors open to friends and strangers looking for a memorable experience.
Stammbar strives to create an open and safe space for artists, clubbers and visitors; we operate a zero tolerance policy to racism, transphobia, sexism, ageism and any form of discrimination. We ask for all of our community to help improve our space. If you see behaviour that has no place on our venue, please tell us. We will deal with it and remove any offending individuals from our club.


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It has been a year that we have been closed, a difficult year but punctuated by your messages, your letters, your attention to us. During this year, like many of our colleagues, we have been forced to maintain our expenses. This year has put a strain on our treasury and has jeopardized our establishment but also the support projects in which we were involved. Health, diversity, fetishism, community … STAMMBAR has always been involved in the LGBT community life and we hope, thanks to you, to continue to be so with the same intensity.

How is the support useful?

Your support is essential for our institution to remain diverse and dynamic. It is also useful in our collaborations, in order to increase the relevance of our actions and to act as a relay with the associations we work with.

What does this mean for you and your colleagues?

Your participation and support is vital to our team and our energy. It is a sign that the efforts we have made over the years to serve you, to build a safe environment, to offer new products, have left a lasting impression on you and that you want to see us in good shape again.

What can you finance with it?

Thanks to your participation we will be able to purify our rental debts which are beginning to cloud our horizon. We have the will to reopen and relaunch our activities as soon as possible so that the party can come back to life within our walls as we have experienced it before, while maintaining our collaboration and community involvement.